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21 April 2016
Ognyanovo K launched its updated website
Our new website has been initiated today.
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29 November 2015
Children's Bazaar of Professions, National Palace of Culture, Sofia
Many children visited the stand of Ognyanovo K and with a genuine interest took part and watched what was happening when turning the quick lime into lime putty.
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2 November 2015
'Proud of My Parents' Work', Project 2015
Ognyanovo K for the third consecutive year hosted and welcomed not only its employees children but also guests coming from the St. Antim Veterinary Center. The event was held at the Puklina Lime Plant near Slivnitsa.
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2 August 2015
Ognyanovo K participated in the Raspberry Festival in the town of Loznitsa
In the period 31.07 - 02.08.2015 the Raspberry Festival was carried out in Loznitsa under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Bulgarian Association of Raspberry and Berries Producers.
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Ognyanovo K  is the largest manufacturer of lime products in Bulgaria which find application not only in civil engineering, but in various other fields of industry, too.

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