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Few people realize the importance of limestone in their daily life. Practically every ordinary product in the household contains this material in one form or another - from the medical pills and the toothpaste, to the adhesives binding the faience in the bathroom, from the roof tiles to the floor carpeting, from the window panes to the jars in the larder.

Limestone and its derivatives contained in the soil and in animal foods, along the gastrointestinal tract are stored in the bones of our bodies. Its properties as a neutralizer and cleaner are essential for the preservation of our natural environment, by nourishing agricultural land and maintaining its fertility.

Its benefits are immeasurable: it balances acidity in the soil, provides the optimum environment for plants, improves the draining and airing of cultivated plants and contributes to the increase of yields.

Ognyanovo K  is the largest manufacturer of lime products in Bulgaria which find application not only in civil engineering, but in various other fields of industry, too.

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